Biluo Chen Salmon with Coconut Rice & Miso Greens

Hi, my name is Alka and I am the sous-chef tonight. Of our three intrepid chefs that are keen to conduct an affair with Jamie Oliver, Megna was visiting Auckland for Easter and Kajal and Megna decided to collaborate for their first post.

Recipe: Green Tea (Biluo Chun) Salmon with Coconut Rice and Miso Greens (pg 138 from Jamie Oliver’s 15 Minute Meals Cookbook)

Kitchen & Blogger: Alka

Chef(s): Megna & Kajal

After spending the day chit-chatting over brunch, coffee & wine in Davenport  the three of us decided to pick up ingredients from the supermarket for the dish. Since Alka is vegetarian (part-time) she influenced them to cook fish instead of chicken (more on Alka’s vegetarianism, later).


Salmon we picked had one too many bones but I think we’ve managed to pull most of them out with our bare hands.


We are also going to go with brown Basmati rice since we had an extensive conversation about healthy foods. We also could not find fresh asparagus so we had to go with the canned variety.


After that, it was all straight forward. Megna started with the sauce while trying to work Alka’s budget blender and Kajal started on the mammoth task of boiled the greens. Meanwhile Alka snapped a few clicks and played a Romeo & Juliet Waltz in the background.


The salmon cooked very quickly (too quickly in fact) and apparently doesn’t need much oil as it is quite a greasy fish. I fear we deep fried it instead *horror*. The sauce is a bit of an olfactory experience with a tangy pani puri (Indian street snack) finish while the salad looks lush. I think perhaps we did not add enough Miso. Although, canned asparagus flakes quite easily and can be tricky to toss into the salad.


Over all it took us 30 minutes including prep & clean up. We were 3 people but were hampered by a small kitchen.




I shall take a break to taste the dish & comment on the results soon.

The verdict:

Brown rice and coconut milk? Not the best combination. We recommend either stick to white rice if using coconut milk or just leave it out.

The salad dressing turned out to be very coriander-y and we couldn’t really taste the miso or soy. We still loved it and it has the potential to turn into a staple dish! If you are looking for a  more Asian inspired dressing, taste test it and adjust it to your preference. We would have also liked more chilli in our dressing.

The green tea taste in salmon was quite subtle and we preferred it that way. Beware of adding too much green tea and we definitely recommend some lemon with the salmon.

Overall, the first attempt to copy Jamie Oliver’s recipe was a hit. We rate it 3/5


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