Prawn Linguine with Sicilian Salad

Easter break got over all too quickly and I found myself preparing for another work week (a short one though, YAY!). I was contemplating what to make for lunch for work when I realised I hadn’t made pasta in a long time.

Now Jamie has tons of delicious looking pasta recipes in this book but I’ve realised very quickly that my pantry doesn’t even have even a quarter of the total ingredients he asks for. So I hunted for a pasta recipe with the least amount of ingredients I would have to buy and it turns out it was this one – Prawn Linguine with a summery fresh and crunchy salad of celery and fennel (Sicilian Salad).

I was a bit skeptical at first as I had never worked with anchovies before but then I thought thats the whole point of this blog right? To experiment and get out of my comfort zone! So I went ahead and bought my first bottle of anchovies and passata. Later I realised passata is simply tomato puree!! This was also the first time that I bought a fennel bulb. A lot of ‘firsts’ with this recipe!

photo 1

I started with boiling my pasta and making the prawn and tomato mix simulatenously.

photo 2

The sauce got ready too soon so I waited for the pasta to boil.

photo 3

I transferred the cooked pasta straight into the mix and after adding parmesan cheese, basil leaves and seasoning, it was good to go.

photo 4

photo 5

I cut up my salad the next morning so that it would be fresh for lunch that day. Quick and easy.


I didn’t have time to make the chilli breadcrumbs but I do regret not making them. The pasta definitely needs a kick and some chilli-garlic would certainly help. I might even add some Italian herb seasoning to the prawns next time. Overall, I found this dish to be a bit bland.

The salad on the other hand was delicious!! Simple, fresh, crunchy and summery. It definitely lifted my spirits as autumn begins to set in Sydney. I was quite surprised at the subtle flavour of fennel because I had expected it to be quite overpoweing due to its strong smell. I only used half the fennel bulb with a quarter of celery. This is the kind of salad that will keep very well. I will definitely be making it again 🙂

Verdict – 3/5
Time to cook – 15mins


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