Moroccan pasta and green salad

A couple of days ago, I watched Jamie cook the most delicious chilli mussels on TV. If his show plays on TV where you live, I suggest you watch it. Watching Jamie cook is simply marvellous. Watching him throw ingredients around and make a mess while cooking up a storm is a little hard for a clean freak like myself to fathom but his zest for cooking is nice to watch.


I decided to adapt his Moroccan mussels recipie to a vegetarian version with button mushrooms, bow tie pasta and red peppers. I also decided to remake the coriander and miso dressing we made in our first post and team it with the greens. The coriander dressing was simple. Coriander, lemon, ginger, miso, soy and honey all blitzed together.


Then I made the tomato and Harissa paste with canned tomatoes, garlic, Harissa powder, lemon, salt and pepper (note that Jamie says to cook the Harissa and garlic together but since my Harissa is in the powdered form and I was lazy I just added it to the blender)


Meanwhile I chopped up broccoli and asparagus and put them in a pot of hot water. In retrospect I should have started this off first since it takes a while to cook the veges. I also popped the mushrooms whole in the oven with some EVOO and garlic.


Once the veges were done I added them to the salad bowl with some chopped up fennel and cherry tomatoes.


In the same cooking water I added the pasta and the red peppers which I chopped finely. The salad dressing went into the salad. This time I added more miso and I used a different kind of chilly (orange instead of red) so the taste was different to last time but good all the same.


Once the pasta was done, I heated up the sauce and bought it to the boil. I found I had to adjust the seasoning a little and once the pasta, peppers and mushrooms were in, it was done! The Moroccan flavor was yummy! And different to the usual flavors we have with pasta. The roasted whole mushrooms were perfect too.


All in all it took 45 mins including cleanup. This is a lot longer (3 times longer!) than Jamie prescribes but if I was smarter about the order in which I did things, I would have finished earlier. Cooking the veges then the pasta took the longest at around half an hour! All in all, a successful Saturday afternoon cooking session!


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