Salted Caramel Popcorn


I love caramel popcorn. The sticky sweet kernels that are just the right combination of sweet and salt are the perfect snack.
However, movie cinemas don’t sell caramel popcorn here in Melbourne 😦 and I am not a fan of the packet variety so I decided to make my own.
Some help from Google has given me ideas on how to proceed and I had a bowl of delicious golden crunch in minutes!
The reason this recipie made it to this blog is because I ate an entire bowl for dinner! Seriously.
Now popcorn is actually a very healthy snack provided you make it yourself and don’t eat the microwave packets. Those are high in salt and sodium and other baddies.
To make your own salted caramel popcorn, take one cup of popping corn (look where you would usually find microwave popcorn in your supermarket)


Take a large lidded pot and add a few tablespoons of regular cooking oil or a little butter and let it heat up.
Add three little kernels of corn and put the lid on. Once these have popped, add the rest of the corn, put the lid back on and leave to pop. Remember to shake often and turn off the heat once the popping stops. This only takes 5 minutes or so.


Meanwhile add one cup of brown sugar and one spoon of salt (add less if you prefer your popcorn sweeter)


Add a quarter cup of water and boil away for 5-6 minutes or until the toffee thickens.


Beware! The toffee is very hot and as tempted as you may be, don’t stick your finger in it!
When the toffee is done, quickly pour it over the popcorn (best to transfer the popcorn into your serving bowl now)
Mix quickly to coat the popcorn thoroughly and enjoy!



There are many variations to popcorn such as lemon pepper or maybe even coffee caramel!
If you have your own recipes, let us know in the comments
Happy eating!


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