Lamb Kofte, Pita and Greek Salad

Food has the wonderful ability to bring people together. A good meal and some good wine have the makings of a satisfying dinner with friends. I love cooking for others; it makes me happy. Thursday night cooking at my boyfriend’s place is sort of becoming a regularity. Not quite there yet but the talk of taking turns cooking between us four friends on Thursday nights did crop up. I am looking forward to these Thursday night dinners; cooking and eating with friends while chatting into the night. Simple pleasures in life 🙂

Pita with lamb kofte

Pita with lamb kofte


This time it was Lamb Kofte on pita with a side of Greek Salad. Simple. Delicious. It is warming and full of flavour. As we move into the heart of winters in Sydney, I am searching for full bodied, warming meals in Jamie’s book. This recipe was just that. Minimal ingredients required; fresh and warming at the same time. I must say, so far all his lamb recipes have turned out gorgeous.

Lamb kofte on pita with greek salad

Lamb kofte on pita with greek salad


The salad was a hit with everyone. Crunchy, fresh and colourful; it was a great side to the kofte. The flavoured yoghurt pleasantly surprised us with its tangy flavour. Simplicity at its best. The couscous salad didn’t go down that well. It seriously lacked flavours and sadly was left untouched for most part of the dinner. The kofte were gorgeous with their sticky pista coating. We had ours by placing a couple of kofte onto a pita bread, adding some salad to it with dollops of yoghurt on top and rolling the whole thing up into a wrap. Bite into it and get your hands dirty. There is no other fun way to enjoy this beautiful meal!

Lamb kofte

Lamb kofte

Cous cous salad

Cous cous salad

You can find the recipe here –

My notes
The only variations I made were that I added some moroccan spice and chilli powder to my lamb mince as it found it too bland otherwise.Verdict
Taste – 4/5
Time – 3/5


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